The Quality brand is based upon our contemporary take on classic American dining, rooted in history, in style of cuisine, service, and décor. Whether referencing turn of the century butcher shops, 1950s Italian-American feasts, or the quotidian diners that dot the American landscape, our restaurants reinterpret the quintessential American culinary experience through a modern lens.  

The Quality Branded team has a proven track record of conceiving, opening, and managing restaurants for profitability. All aspects of the restaurants, from operations to marketing to finance, benefit from the invaluable knowledge these people have gained over their long tenures in the restaurant industry. 

Quality Branded was founded by acclaimed father-son restaurateurs Alan and Michael Stillman in 2007 as Fourth Wall Restaurants and rebranded in 2016 to more closely align the group identity with its future growth plans. The group is comprised of upscale restaurants in New York City and Denver, which are owned or managed by the group, including the flagship Smith & Wollensky location, Quality Meats, Quality Italian, Quality Bistro, Don Angie, Zou Zou's, Kini's, and Bad Roman, with more in the works. Their extraordinary depth of experience, combined with a fresh new vision for design, hospitality and cuisine, uniquely positions these concepts from Quality Branded for success.